COVID-19 Volunteer Work

Volunteers, do you want to help?

Cosibot provides volunteer opportunities for everyone who wants to make a contribution. We want to help minimize the difficulties that the world population faces with the new coronavirus.

The COVID-19 Stay Informed Bot is a credible vehicle for information about corona virus and fights the myths and false news spreading around the world.


Cosibot Project Volunteer - Covid Stay Informed Bot

Cosibot is a non-profit initiative, promoted by ROBO.AI

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Sensitive to the importance of keeping the population informed about the most diverse aspects related to coronavirus, ROBO.AI has allocated a good part of its team to the development of several chatbots.

Through these chatbots any citizen can obtain credible information, based on official sources, about COVID-19.

The desire to develop the chatbots so that they can be available in more and more languages and with more functionality, led ROBO.AI to create a team of volunteers who identify with this cause and help the project grow.

Profile of the volunteers

Content creators (Portuguese, German and English)

Interest and competence in the research, compilation and construction of informative texts, from official sources of information about the coronavirus.

Software and Bot Developers

With skills and taste for any programming language, in particular Python. Experience in Bots development in RASA would be a plus.


Fluency, good understanding and ability to write in several languages to translate content from content in Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), English, German, Spanish and French.

Data Scientists

Competence and experience with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

The official language for communication purposes in the project is English.

Location and Time

The work of each volunteer is developed remotely from their home, which has made it possible to create an international team.

The volunteer timetable is decided by each volunteer according to their availability.

Every day there are meetings of the volunteer team where tasks are distributed and the progress of the project is made, and where all volunteers are invited to participate.

How to apply for Volunteering at Cosibot:

Just send us a message using the form available here.
We will contact you as soon as possible!

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