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The Cosibot initiative seeks partners in several areas to grow, reach more people and become more interesting to its users.

Together we will build something relevant!

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Partners in the Technology area

Language data and models
We are looking for partners to support us in improving the quality of language models.

Speech-to-Text (STT) and Text-to-Speech (TTS)
We are looking for partners in the area of voice to text and text to voice conversion.

Cloud Services
We are looking for partners with Cloud hosting services, with Kubernetes service.

Messaging and Telephone
We are looking for partners to provide WhatsApp, SMS and Phone channels.

Communication and Media Partners

Social Networks
We are looking for partners to support the creation of a strategy to disseminate Cosibot on social networks.

Online Press
We are looking for online press partners available to write and publish articles about the Cosibot initiative.

Written Press
We’re looking for written press partners to partner with Cosibot’s disclosure.

Television and Radio
We are looking for television and radio partners to support the dissemination of Cosibot through their channels.


Keeping Cosibot up to date and developing new features that make it more useful for users requires a large investment in time and money.

  • Searching and building content
  • Updating information in the different languages in which the chatbot is available
  • Training and permanent testing of chatbot
  • Software platform maintenance
  • Payment of the hosting
  • Payment of SMS and telephone lines
  • Funding onboarding of students and volunteers in the project

Sponsors may choose one of the following modalities:


  • Website Mention


  • Mention and Logo.
  • Mention in the chatbot content.

Cosibot Partners

Two Impulse contributes to the Cosibot project with the involvement of a team of linguists and data scientists, developers, user experience, maintenance and development of the solution.

Two Impulse develops and integrates Artificial Intelligence solutions for enterprise.

Provides Text to Speech services. Helena’s “voice” is offered by ReadSpeaker.

ReadSpeaker is a global voice specialist, offering dozens of languages and voices similar to real ones. ReadSpeaker uses state-of-the-art Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology to structurally improve voice quality at all levels, placing this technology at the service of Cosibot.

Traditional and online communication and marketing

FAmazing is a communication and marketing agency, combining digital and traditional tools, with the aim of leveraging and enhancing its clients’ businesses. FAmazing contributes to the Cosibot initiative by promoting its communication on various physical and digital channels, supporting the production of content and the development of the social media strategy.

Consultancy in customer support.

KDW implements Call Center solutions, provides an Agent for Call Center services and supports the development of the Agent Console.

WENCOUR supports this project by supporting the search for sponsors.

Development and implementation of Customer Self-Service portals, installation of Khoros Care, as well as Artificial Intelligence applications for conversation: chatbots.

DECSIS provides APIs that allow Cosibot to answer questions about the Pandemic.

Iberian business group providing services in the area of Information and Communication Technologies: Managed Services & Outsourcing, Delivery & Support, Development, Data Center and Cloud Services, Digital Transformation and Authorized Assistance Centers. makes its product available for monitoring changes in information sources is a website monitoring platform that alerts us whenever changes are detected in the sources and respective information that we use. This solution allows us to react, in real time, keeping all topics updated according to the information made available, updated, edited or changed.

Tech4Covid19 Brasil is a voluntary, non-profit initiative that unites people with different skills to develop projects that use technology to combat the impacts generated by the Coronavirus in Brazil. This movement was started by founders of Portuguese technological startups and currently counts on volunteers from various regions of Brazil and with different skills. Cosibot is supported by Tech4Covid19 Brazil, with the contribution of volunteers who support the project communication and our partnerships.

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