How to add Cosibot to your website?

To do so you must follow three steps:

1- Choose the version of the chatbot you want to make available to your audience
  • Global: this version is available in English and provides general information on the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and related useful topics.
  • Spanish: this version is available in Spanish and offers answers about the coronavirus pandemic and related useful topics.
2- Request an API Key, in our contact form
3- Add the code snippet* to your website and you're done!

*If you are not familiar with these procedures ask the programmer or designer of your website.

<script src=""></script>
var config = {
   bot: 'covid-int-en',
   key: 'Add API key here',
   language: 'en',
   showTerms: true,
   termsText: '<h3>Disclaimer</h3><p>The answers provided by the Cosibot chatbot and the content of Cosibot website is not intended to provide any medical or scientific advice. The information provided are based on collections of data from publicly available government websites, are not manipulated, modified or otherwise changed by Cosibot, and are intended only to give a free and user-friendly access to such publicly available data. Cosibot sources are the WHO and other healthcare institutions. Cosibot does not have expertise in healthcare and will not vet or check the information collected from such government websites. In no event shall Cosibot be considered liable for the accuracy, completeness or use of any of the information provided. If you believe you have any symptoms or have been otherwise anyhow exposed to a condition such as for instance the diseased caused by coronavirus (Covid19), do not rely on any internet sources only but please ask your doctor for qualified medical advice.</p>',

Cosibot on your Website

Cosibot, the Chatbot that answers questions about the coronavirus on your website

In three simple steps and free of charge any institution or company with a website can add Cosibot and make available to its audience a specific information channel about the coronavirus.

The answers that the chatbot presents to users are based on credible sources such as the United Nations, the European Commission, the World Health Organization, John Hopkins University, Institutes and Health Directorates from various countries.

Show your audience that you care about them. Make it easy for them to access credible and up-to-date information about the coronavirus!


Customize the Cosibot experience to your Company requirements

Cosibot can be easily added to your Webpage but it also can be enhanced and customized to your needs.

  • Cosibot can enrich your customer experience as Apuro did. Apurina, is a virtual assistant providing the latest facts about this pandemic and guiding Apuro's customers choosing the right disinfection products.
  • Cosibot can also be added to your intranet, complementing the latest official information with additional guidelines tailored for your employees. Cosibot can become your Digital Workforce partner, strengthen the quality of your Internal communication and adoption of your HR policies.

Get in touch with us. We can help you creating your own Cosibot experience to your website, intranet and/or all other channels

Websites with the Cosibot Chatbot Widget

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