About Cosibot

Cosibot – Covid Stay Informed Bot is a non-profit initiative developed by ROBO.AI to provide citizens around the world with credible and up-to-date information on Coronavirus, using different sources and making it available in a single application.

Cosibot is currently available in two versions: In English (international) and in Spanish (for Latin America).

The bot is available in several channels. To access the International version in English on the various channels, just click on one of the links below.

A Chatbot about Coronavirus

A chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence program that talks to users, answers questions and informs them about specific topics.

Unlike click-bots, it encourages users to ask written or voice questions. It is a technology based on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing that learns, from the interactions it receives, to give increasingly diverse and qualified answers.

Cosibot was developed to provide explanations about the coronavirus to a wide audience and therefore meets you in the most diverse channels. It is currently accessible via SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Web Chat.

The Cosibot chatbot widget can also be added to the website of any institution that has an interest in keeping its users informed about the coronavirus, for free in just 3 steps.


Official and credible information sources » a unique technology » multiple channels » intuitive and user friendly.


Helen, the Cosibot Virtual Assistant

The Cosibot experiment is conducted by Helen, the Virtual Assistant at the chatbot service on coronavirus. Through a speech very close to that of a human, Helena interacts with the user. In an intuitive and user friendly way, in a fluent exchange of written or voice messages, Cosibot allows all citizens, regardless of their limitations, access to data from various official sources.

Helen is available 24/7 and provides
  • Reliable and up-to-date information in one place
  • Specific answers to user questions
  • Interaction through open questions
  • Ability to answer in several languages written and orally
Cosibot contributes to
  • Reducing pressure on public service lines
  • Fight the fake news
  • Address citizens' concerns

Credible sources of information on coronavirus

As important as technological capacity is the quality and reliability of the information sources that feed it. These are in fact the two critical factors for the credibility and success of the project.

All the information provided by Cosibot on coronavirus is based on credible sources such as the United Nations, the European Commission, the World Health Organization, John Hopkins University, as well as institutes and health directorates from various countries.

Giving citizens a voice

Cosibot also offers public entities and governments an opportunity to learn about citizens’ main concerns.

Through the questions collected, by providing credible answers through a single channel, Cosibot has the potential to assert itself as a partner in public sector crisis management, combating myths and false news of rapid spread.


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